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Um…the next-best things are 2-for-1. Where’s my Great Alaskan TourSaver book? HAHA. Of course–that’s the 2-for-1 travel book that’s loaded with travel goodies around Alaska. Just $99.95 for $25,000+ in travel deals!


If you’ve got visitors coming to town, you’re money ahead to get a Great Alaskan TourSaver book! There is a GOB of garden-variety adventures and attractions–everything is 2-for-1, including:
a. Tram ride at Alyeska Resort
b. Glacier cruise on Portage Lake
c. Admission to Alaska Zoo
d. Admission to Alaska Native Heritage Center
e. Admission to the Anchorage Museum
f. Alaska Railroad tours.
g. Mahay’s Jetboat Tour in Talkeetna
h. Accommodations in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denali, Seward, Valdez–and more.

Plus, there are some incredible adventures that EVERYONE should experience, including:

-Bear viewing in Kodiak
-Trout fishing in the Susitna Valley
-Glacier Hike in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
-Columbia Glacier Cruise from Valdez
-Riverboat Discovery Tour in Fairbanks
-Incredible all-inclusive hike/advenutre in Lake Clark National Park
-Tour of the Valley of the 10,000 Smokes in Katmai National Park

Wow. Lots of cool stuff to do in every corner of the state. And everything is 2-for-1. Can’t beat it! Remember, if you live here in Alaska, you can go to any CARRS or SAFEWAY store and pick up your copy of the book for $99.95. Just check with the Customer Service Desk and ask for it (they keep the books behind the counter).

Have a great time in Alaska with the Great Alaskan TourSaver!

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