Saved (again) by USTravel

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Okay–True story. Kelly Jo over at USTravel saved me yesterday. I was charged with making arrangements for my family–everyone was coming and going at different times. Different flights. DIfferent times. Some award miles. Some cash (yecch–I hate that!!). But it was my responsibility. I made an honest effort before throwing up my hands and calling Kelly Jo.

Take-home message: save yourself the grief. Call Kelly Jo, Karen, or one of the fine folks in Anchorage FIRST: (907)561-2434. In Fairbanks, check with Linda: (907) 452-8992. In Kodiak, call Penny: (907) 486-3232. Air fares. Hotel arrangements. Cars. The works. They’ll take care of everything. And here’s the short list of specials today.

a. STOP, DROP AND ROLL to Minneapolis: $196 each way, all-in, Anchorage-Minneapolis. This special is valid through Sept. 10. Best deal!!

b. Fly Condor to Frankfurt. The deals to Frankfurt are incredible. Fly Anchorage-Frankfurt on June 28, returning July 12. The total cost? Just $849 roundtrip. GREAT!

c. Coast-to-coast across Costa Rica. Now I’m upset. This is a trip I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE.  Bike, hike and raft across Costa Rica! From the picturesque cliffs and beaches of Manuel Antonio, you will challenge the Continental Divide. Cross the Talamanca and Central Mountain ranges, then drift peacefully to the Atlantic shores, humbled by our deliverance. For the physically fit and the insanely energetic, it is the trip of a lifetime. WHOA! This is one of National Geo’s 50 Tours of a Lifetime! Call Kelly Jo and learn more!! (907) 561 2434. Umm…truthfully…I’d rather do this than fly to Minneapolis.HAL

d. Choose to cruise. Holland America has a special sale through TODAY ONLY (Jun. 19). For example:
– 7-day W. Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, from $499 ppdo
– 10-day S. Caribbean Seafarer from Ft. Lauderday, from $799 ppdo
– 7-day Mexico from San Diego, from $499 ppdo
– 16-day Euro-Seranade Barcelona-Ft. Lauderdale from $1,299 ppdo

Wow. Great prices. Let your friends at USTravel plan the perfect vacation for you. Call Kelly Jo, Karen or one of the fine folks at USTravel now. (907) 561-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217.

I did. You’ll be a better traveler when you do, too! Learn more online.

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