Over the top with Condor

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Just returned from a great trip to Europe, flying Condor German Airlines. With three flights from Anchorage to Frankfurt each week (and one each week from Fairbanks), this is the fastest and least-expensive options for Alaskans headed to Europe. We flew Condor to Frankfurt (8.5 hours), then transferred to Lufthansa for the jump to Barcelona. Condor and Lufthansa work closely at FRA. Here’s a shot of a Condor 767 between two Lufthansa jets.


Current prices for roundtrip tickets is in the $1,000 range. And for about $1,500 roundtrip, you can fly their “Comfort Class” service, which is exceptional. Pretty much nonstop food-and-beverage service. It will spoil you, of course.

Here are some specifics. You can fly for 23 hours in each direction on USAir to Frankfurt via Phoenix and Philadelphia. The cost? $1,186 all-in (traveling Jun 30-Jul 8). Or, fly Condor 8-9 hours in each direction for $919 all-in (traveling 28 Jun-5 Jul). Or, fly Comfort Class on the same dates for $1,479 all-in. Don’t even ASK what “F” is on USAir. Shameful, really.

So–you’re time and money ahead when you fly Condor. You still can make plans to fly to Europe this summer. DO IT!

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