Excess Baggage (jk)

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I’m trying out Magellan’s newest rolling carry-on this week. Check out Magellan’s online store. They do a great job. I’m getting ready for a big trip to Spain–and their goodies come in handy: converter plugs, packing cubes, quick-dry synthetic t-shirts.lc633_lgjpg

It’s no surprise, though. The shop is run by the McManus family. Husband and wife used to work for PanAm–so they’ve been travel gadget-hounds for years.

Their latest rolling bag features all sorts of pockets and comes with handy packing cubes:  socks, toiletries and undies slip neatly into zippered mesh bags for handy retrieval. There’s an outside sleeve that’s perfect for my laptop (13-inch MacBook). Then there are all sorts of sleeves and snaps to keep everything organized. But, heck, when I was packing at 6AM the other morning, I just threw everything in, sat on it and zipped it up. It wasn’t until I got to my Aunt Sue’s place in Ft. Wayne, IN later that night that I spread everything out on the bed and put everything neatly in its place. Now, here I am in Seattle with everything jumbled up again. But when I roll it on my Alaska Air flight, everything fits nicely in the overhead bin. And everybody (including me) is happy.
So check out Magellan’s new house brand. In addition to the roll-aboard, they also make an under-the seat version, as well as larger 24-in. and 27-in. to check in the belly (for an additional airline fee, of course. ACK).  And tell ’em Scott sent you.

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