EVDO, My Crackberry and me

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Honestly, I don’t know what I did before I had these cool devices from GCI.

a. My EVDO wireless card from GCI. This is the handy USB device that plugs into the side of my MacBook to hook up in those fancy hotels that want $20/day for wireless. Evildoers!!!! It’s not just that, though. Even when I’m in my favorite coffeeshop, the Geek Squad next to me may be hogging bandwidth with their WoW machinations. I just plug in the card and BEHOLD–I can get a fast blackberryconnection, unencumbered by my neighbor’s gamefest. The cost is $20 per month if you have GCI cable modem access at home (I do).  Worth it!

b. I’m hooked on my Blackberry. Many telecon uber-execs knew it would happen, too. Ah, the little trackball. Ah, my emails. Ah, my twittering thumbs. Jeez. Just let me set it down for a minute so I can put cream in my coffee. ACK–almost dropped it in the cup (j-e-s-t kidding).

These are just a couple of items in my GCI Wireless toolbox. Oh, I’ve got the wife and kids on the buddy plan for unlimited nationwide service, unlimited texting and unlimited local calls. It’s $100/mo.  for her and $50/mo. for the kids. Come to think of it, right next to “Free” and “2-for-1”, “unlimited” ranks as one of my favorite words–especially when it comes to the telephonic Chat-Fest at Chez McMurren.

Don’t miss out. Check with GCI today. Chat and text your way into next week. Heck–it’s unlimited!

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