Alaska’s Double-Header: sale + bonus!

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Can we talk? I guess the truth is that I will blather on regardless. HAHA. I’m pretty excited–especially on a sunny day in May–that Alaska Airlines is having a sale.
It’s really a double-header for those of us in Alaska. First on deck is a summertime fare sale for travel through July 9. That’s better than last month’s sale that just went through June 17. Plus, there are several destinations available all at once. Let’s take a look at some of the sale prices:

Anchorage-Seattle $437rt (all fares include taxes and fees)
Anchorage-Portland 437rt   non-stop!
Anchorage-Juneau   250rt   non-stop!
Anchorage-Yakutat  203rt   Great deal!
Anchorage-Maui       458rt Wow. That’s non-stop, too!
Anchorage-San Francisco 476rt Again–non-stop!
Anchorage-Denver   454rt Non-stop!
Anchorage-L.A.     454rt

In-state bargains to/from Wrangell, Petersburg, Ketchikan, Kotzebue, Nome, Sitka.

imagesHere’s the Sweeper Special though: Double Qualifying Miles toward your MVP and MVP Gold status.

Folks, this is huge. I just booked a  trip to Chicago, Seattle and back home to Anchorage. It’s about 6,000 miles. But I’ll get 12,000 miles towards MVP. Wow. The double miles promotion lasts between now and June 30, even if you’ve already purchased your ticket!

CLICK HERE,  ’cause you have to pre-register to collect the miles. Trust me folks–it’s worth it! Just for review, here are some of the benefits of MVP/MVP Gold:
a. Special reservations line when you call Alaska Airlines.
b. Waiver of change fees.
c. Waiver of certain baggage fees.
d. First Class upgrades
e. Short security lines in Anchorage. In Seattle, you have to be “Gold” to use the short line.
f. Mileage bonuses for each mile you fly.

I know. I’m crazy, but going “Gold” is important to me. So take advantage of this promotion and find out what the fuss is about!

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