Yoga: cure for coach-class travel?

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Don’t you love being scrunched up in a  tiny middle seat for hours while traveling on a small plane? How about the long line at security? Don’t forget long delays and tight connections. Sometimes the deck is stacked against you. How do you cope?
Sometimes only a double martini will do the trick–I’ll agree with you there. But I’ve found a regular Yoga regimen helps me navigate the nips and tucks of air travel.

My friends at Laughing Lotus here in Anchorage have a variety of regular classes throughout the week (see below for SPECIAL Solstice workshop). My favorite? Bikram Yoga. That’s where they turn up the heat and you get a real workout! But there are several other styles: Ashtanga, Forrest (heck, I don’t really know the difference), etc.

Here’s what I do know: after practice, I feel better–ready to tackle Seattle traffic or LAX or an unscheduled border crossing. I’m calmer and I find I can handle the occasional hiccup in my travel plans. Sure–I’m still anxious to get where I’m going, but life is better! laughing-lotus

Try it! Even when I’m on the road, I now seek out a studio! I’ve got a couple of favorites down in Seattle (the Sweatbox on Capitol Hill and a small studio in Redmond).

Plan now to celebrate the Summer Solstice (June 19-21) with Laughing Lotus co-owner Svia Rothstein at Prince William Lodge.

Practice yoga amidst a backdrop of peak summer flora with all the nuances that make this coastal setting so magical. The retreat will include four full asana practices.

Weather permitting, the second day will include an outing by boat to a secluded beach. There will be time for exploring tide pools, hiking the trails, or boating around the local bays. Gourmet meals will be prepared with fresh, natural ingredients and a focus on healthy Alaskan summer fare.  Cost is $695 before May 15th. Call Laughing Lotus of Anchorage for full details: (907)243-YOGA.

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