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Travel surprises make me cranky. And your travel agent can minimize the risk in that department. Whether it’s a friendly voice on the other end of an international phone call, or a trusted second opinion on that too-good-to-be-true “internet special”, your travel agent brings experience, discernment and buying power to the table when you call.

Take this opportunity to plug in your preferences. Tell our friends at USTravel what you like–how you like it–and what’s important to you when you’re traveling. Click here to enter your preferences.

Just by filling out the form, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win an air-inclusive trip to Hawaii!

More importantly, the information you provide will enable your agent to offer better choices for you.

Oh, your preferences don’t stop there. When you call your agent at USTravel, they’ll help you set up your profile, including seating preference, mileage plan numbers, hotel preferences, rental car preferences–plus all your contact info (phone, email, etc.).

Talk to Karen (907-561-2434 or 800-544-2217) about these stand-out air fare specials:

Anchorage-Minneapolis: $166 each way through June 6 on Northwest (nonstop!).
Anchorage-Denver: $169 each way between May 8 and June 10 on Delta
Anchorage-San Francisco: $237 each way on Alaska Air between Jun 7 and Aug. 22 (nonstop!)
Anchorage-New York: $482 roundtrip on Delta
Anchorage-Hartford, CT $479 roundtrip on Delta

Traveling internationally? You’re foolish not to consider Condor German Airlines. Check with Penny Lampl here: (907) 486-3232 for details on these flights between Anchorage and Frankfurt. Fly May 5-12 for as little as $646rt. Fly Jun 14-23 for as little as $1,101rt.

This year is a great year for deals. Let our friends at USTravel help you choose the right deal for you! Learn more online.

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