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This is a weird air fare sale, that’s for sure. Today (Tuesday), Phoenix is on sale. From Anchorage, it’s about $485 roundtrip all-in for travel through June 20. Tomorrow, it will be another single city. The next day, yet another. This madness goes on for two weeks!

Below, one of Alaska’s 737-400 aircraft dubbed the “Spirit of Alaska Statehood” was created by 16-year-old Hannah Hamberg of Sitka. It features a musher and sled dog, state ferry, a canoe, bear and whale, along with the statement, “We’re all pulling together.”  This snap was taken on the runway in Sitka. Nice!spirit-of-alaska-statehood-21

Oh, fear not. I’ll be up at midnight to see the next city. But I wish Alaska Airlines would just put all the cities on sale so I could actually do some planning. Jeez.

Let me say this: I’m not complaining about the lower prices. HEAVENS, I’m all about the lower prices. But I don’t see the fun in it after the first day or two. Phoenix isn’t my city–and I don’t want to wait two weeks to see if it will be listed.

Alaska’s latest ad campaign, “North of Expected” applies to their superior customer service. They’re also doing a contest where you can win free trips. Check the website for details.  I think the folks at the airline do a great job. But this new quirky format of offering up one city at a time is decidedly “South of Expected”, IMHO.  I also understand that because of competitive pressure, the 24-hour sale window allows Alaska to swoop in and get the sale before competitors have a chance to make a play for the business. I get it–I just resent having to adjust my planning to suit the airline’s schedule. Mt. Redoubt and her periodic explosions throw enough uncertainty into the mix for me from Anchorage.

Finally, be sure and follow Alaska Airlines on Twitter. We met Elliott P., the “Man behind the avatar” a couple of weeks ago. He’s doing a great job, I think, keeping folks up-to-date on all things Alaskaair, including wi-fi in the air, Mt. Redoubt, etc. Truly “North of Expected”.

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