Great Era Aviation rates through Apr. 15

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First, be sure and follow Era Aviation on . That way, you’ll be up-to-speed on delays or cancellations because of Mt. Redoubt’s periodic explosions!

Visit Era’s website to stay up-to-date on web specials, their special “FlyAway Rewards” frequent traveler program and other specials.
Take advantage of great fares right now at between now and April 15:

Anchorage-Fairbanks    $89 ea way

Anchorage-Kenai        69 ea way

Anchorage-Valdez    109 ea way

Anchorage-Cordova     109 ea way

Anchorage-Kodiak    129 ea way

Anchorage-Homer        89 ea way

Anchorage-Bethel    129 ea way

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