Alaska Air: North of Expected

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I probably qualify as a raving fan of Alaska Airlines, although some of the folks in their (h-i-g-h) pricing department probably don’t think so (hint-hint). Here’s a shot of their new “Spirit of Alaska” plane in Sitka. N-i-c-e.


After all, the folks at Alaska got me out with relatively little heartburn in the midst of the latest Mt. Redoubt brou-ha-ha. I pay extra to live in their Board Rooms when I’m at the airport. And I carry a couple of their Visa cards–just to get the $50 companion fares.

So, even tho’ I have to needle them occasionally on their high prices in/out of Alaska, the airline routinely exceeds my expectations. Their airport staff. Their flight attendants. In the 30 years I’ve been flying Alaska Airlines, I’ve made quite a few friends among the folks who work there. You could say the airline–and its “North of Expected” operations is an important part of my life here in Alaska.

That’s the theme of their new ad campaign: North of Expected. There’s even a game you can play (I never win anything). Go to the game page. You might win something. These days, if my plane takes off AND lands, I figure I’m coming out ahead.

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