Trip report in Seattle

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Aside from the snow, rain and wind, Seattle is beautiful this time of year. Just kidding. Sort of. Yes, I took my rain pants. And yes, we got snowed out of our flight to the San Juan Islands.

But it was easy to stay connected, because of the EVDO wireless card from GCI, as well as my Blackberry smartphone.cdu680_2

There are a number of well-known wireless spots in Seattle–and I frequent all of them. Places like Top Pot Doughnuts (my office-away-from-my office) on 5th Avenue and the Redmond Inn over on Seattle’s East Side.

But in between, like Cyber-Bandits, are the pay-to-surf interlopers. Expensive wi-fi networks at hotels, airports and even some cafes. Y-u-k. Nothing is more distasteful.blackberry

With GCI‘s EVDO card, you can BEAT THE REAPER in the cyber-bandit war!! Anywhere you can pick up a cell-phone signal, your Wireless Card delivers!!

Your EVDO wireless card is available at GCI for $19.99 per month if you have your cable plan with them as well. It’s $49.99/mo. otherwise.

And did I tell you I love my Blackberry? Sure, I did. Remember–in Washington, you cannot talk on your cell phone while driving unless you have one of the hands-free devices. You get a nice little device with your Blackberry from GCI. So chat away. And we’ll see you at the airport. That’s me–over in the corner. Surfing away while waiting for the plane to board.

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