Fishing rod rises from the deep!

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Whoa. Teri R. in Homer wins a prize (two cans of Buhach) for a g-r-e-a-t fish story:

“Grandpa Dave came from Wisconsin to visit his two little grandsons, Rob and little Dave one summer. One sunny nice day the whole family went out to catch some great big halibut on Kachemak Bay. (Here’s a photo of a Homer-area halibut from my friend Pete Wedin!)
“It was a really beautiful day, sunny and calm, but as usual, the breeze picks up about noon and blows a little stronger until about suppertime.

“Well, when the day breeze picked up, Grandpa decided to put his jacket on and SET DOWN HIS HALIBUT ROD. Now, mind you, these rods are big, heavy rods with fancy reels made to crank in 100# fish. They cost some big bucks and Grandpa knew this. Well, he just plain forgot he wasn’t fishing for pan fish in Wisconsin on a little lake and didn’t give it a second thought when he set the pole down to put on his jacket.
“Yup, you know what’s coming here gang-
“ALL OF A SUDDEN: Z-I-N-G-! The pole goes flying over the back of the boat and is deep-sixed before you can say “what happened to my pole?”. Well, poor Grandpa felt really bad about losing an expensive rod and reel set-up even after we tried to let him know that he should feel worse about the big halibut that he didn’t catch that took the pole over the boat.
“The next summer, the grandsons are out halibut fishing and get an idea. As Grandpa was always a teaser and loved a funny story, they decide to tell grandpa they caught a big halibut in the SAME place where he lost his rod the summer before, and low and behold, Grandpa’s rod was still swimming around in the big halibut’s mouth!
“Once home, they call Grandpa Dave in Wisconsin to tell him of their unbelievable luck of retrieving the rod. Grandpa is so excited he decided to write to the Outdoor Life Magazine people and tell them this incredible story. He does, Outdoor Life believes it, hook line and sinker, but now you all know…… the rest of the story!  Good day!
“For real. Dad left us too soon about five summers ago, but got to come and visit us in Alaska many times to enjoy some great outdoor activities. He loved it here and we miss him terribly.”

Thanks Teri! Speaking of prizes–big shout-out to Jeff P. in Anchorage who wins a copy of the Great Alaskan TourSaver for his correct answer about Alaska Alpine Adventures over in Lake Clark National Park. I’m ready for an adventure out there (after all the ash from Mt. Redoubt settles). How about you??

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