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These travel goodies just keep piling up on my desk. I’m happy to pass them out to you, dear readers. So send me a nice note. Share the newsletter with your friends and tell them to sign up. Here is our crop of free prizes this week:

a. Flybags. Check out Chris’s selection of re-usable zip-up bags for your three-ounce batches of mouthwash, shampoo, moisturizer and whatever else you can cram in there. Each “Flybag” comes with three of the three-ounce containers, all with a combination pop-top/screw-top lid. Then there are a pair of earplugs and eye shades. Nice. Each little kit is $16. There are three themes: pink, blue and grey.



To win, check out Chris’s website. Then send me an email here: [email protected] and tell me which color you want. I’ll pick some lucky traveler. But don’t wait for that day–go ahead and order one. I got the grey one, which Chris says is the most popular. Oh, while you’re surfing, check out Chris’s wine site. Apparently, they’re cranking out some righteous Pinot Noir

b. Aeropress portable espresso maker. You saw the video, right? If not, here’s a link .


The folks at Aeropress sent me a brand-new setup to give away to one lucky winner. Will it be you? Jeez. I’ve got the shakes, since I’ve had about four espressos. But they are so s-m-o-o-t-h , especially with my Kaladi coffee (Red Goat Blend=The People’s Coffee!). Go to the website. Tell me what product the company is better-known for. Then send me an email at [email protected] . From the correct answers, I’ll draw one lucky winner who will be sipping some great espresso soon! 

c. Headed for Seattle? Then you need a Seattle TourSaver. You may be familiar with our original TourSaver product: The Great Alaskan TourSaver. Now in its third year, the Seattle TourSaver has an eclectic mix of activities, accommodations and admissions–all 2-for-1. Choose from Kenmore Air flightseeing, admission to the Seattle Aquarium, a cruise on Argosy Cruises around Seattle–the works. There are great hotels (2nd night is free), plus a bunch of fun stuff in the San Juan Islands and Victoria. To win, go to the Seattle TourSaver website. Take a look at the banner. Tell me the name of the mountain in the background. Send me a note with the correct answer here: [email protected] . I’ll draw one lucky winner! While you’re on the site, be sure and check out the free Seattle Travelgram newsletter. Sign up–it’s free!


And check out all the 2-for-1 coupons available in the TourSaver book, which sells for $79.95.

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