Tied up in knots when traveling?

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Yoga. It’s the answer. Now don’t freak out–it’s really a great discipline. The folks at Laughing Lotus here in Anchorage have a variety of classes. Did you see the write-up in the Anchorage Daily News the other day (on the front page?)? Oh–and here’s the slideshow that Erik Hill produced for the Anchorage Daily News. Great stuff.

Credit to my friends Janine A. and Melanie R. here in ANC. Both of them encouraged me to visit Laughing Lotus. Co-owners Svia and Kim offer a variety of plans for students, regulars and drop-ins. In addition to a full slate of classes, Laughing Lotus also offers mats, towels and accessories for sale right there in the studio. Stop in today–tell them Scott sent you!

Click here to become a fan of Laughing Lotus. Below, here I am at a lunchtime practice dubbed “Hot Lunch with Star”. I’m not the star (HA!). That’s the instructor’s name (on the right–dunh).


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