Lucky winners!

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Congratulations to all the folks who won prizes in last week’s travel goodies give-aways. We’ve made several trips to the post office just to get all this stuff off of my desk. Some of the winners include:

Jim G. in Colliersville, TN and Norma A. of Melbourne, FL: Kenai Wildlife Guide

Heather A. in Anchorage, AK: Laser rescue light

Roxanne S. in Aniak, AK: Alaska Highway Guide

John C. in Anchorage, AK and Gilbert W. of Newton PA: Fort Wrangell book

Peter D. in Pasadena, CA: “Anan–Stream of Living Water”

Glenn H. in Anchorage, AK : “Alaska in the Wake of the North Star”

Blessie L. of Anchorage, AK: Anchorage: Life at the Edge of the Frontier

I’m coming out with a new crop of giveaways. Stay tuned. Tell your friends to sign up for the newsletter so they can stay up-to-date. These travel deals are coming at us a mile a minute!

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