Credit where credit is due.

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Lots of work goes into the creative endeavor. I am here to tell you as much. Just wanted to share a few credits.

First, my friends Scott and Kevin of Alaska HDTV are working overtime to assist me in the leap to Web 2.0 and all that jazz…whatever that means. Kevin Kastner, in particular, has worked to redesign the site to make it more usable–and provide some extra value for readers like you.

Oh, my profile photo. That’s me in the red sweater. Rob Stapleton took the photo. He’s really good. However, this photo reveals that I am neither tan enough or thin enough to really make the jump to fame and fortune. Oh, well. I took the other photos. The picture of the ferry (the “Trusty Tusty”) was taken from the deck in Kodiak at the Owens’s B-n-B. I don’t even know the name of it. But you should stay there. It’s great. And you should take their dinner cruise, too: Galley Gourmet in Kodiak. 

The shot on the left features #1 son, Drew. We’re searching for ptarmigan in Archangel Valley near Hatcher’s Pass by Palmer. And the background shot–where those mountains come right down by the river? We stayed at a Forest Service Cabin up the Taku River from Juneau. It’s called West Turner Lake Cabin. It’s glorious. Here’s another shot:




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