Alaska Adventure Class for 2009

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Good morning, Travelers. Let’s begin by going over a few of the great adventures waiting for you here in Alaska. I’ve narrowed my list a little bit. Let me know your suggestions in “comments”:

a. Alaska Alpine Adventures.  Dan Oberlitz and his crew operate in Lake Clark National Park. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been there, although I’ve flown over several times. And the one time I was in the park–it was over Thanksgiving. That’s another story. Good news: two of Dan’s 7d/6n trips (a hike and paddle trip and another hike through the hills) are in this year’s Great Alaskan TourSaver book. That means if you have the book (order online for $99.95), you get a 2-for-1. Check ’em out.

b. Bear Viewing with Island Air. Bob Stanford runs Island Airways over in Kodiak. After July 4, the pink salmon literally storm the streams around nearby Afognak Island. Fly over there with Bob and take a look at the big Grizzlies. And, yes, this adventure also is featured in the Great Alaskan TourSaver. And, yes, there’s a 2-for-1 ticket in there. Here’s a picture of some of those Kodiak bears we saw while flying with Island Air:

c. Northern Alaska Tour Company. I want to drive up the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Deadhorse. But, honestly, I don’t want to take my own car. These folks have a camp at Coldfoot–about halfway up the road. So the itinerary includes a leisurely drive up, with stops along the way–including the Yukon River and the Arctic Circle. There are a bunch of adventures available in Coldfoot–including checking out Gates of the Arctic National Park. Umm, these guys are NOT in the TourSaver book. But I’m working on them. Tell Brett and Matt I sent you. Check ’em out online:

d. New Wilderness Lodge at Aialik Glacier. This brand-new lodge in Kenai Fjords National Park was constructed by my friends at Alaska Wildland Adventures. Kirk Hoessel and his crew are so green they would disappear when standing in front of a chroma-key cyclorama. Ask your local weatherman what that means. HAHAHAAA. Really, tho’, AWA is on the cutting edge of sustainable tourism–and we love ’em. Cruise from Seward past glaciers and wildlife to get to the lodge. Kayak. Hike. Explore. Learn more from the experts while you’re out there on your wilderness adventure–just out of Seward, Alaska! Good news: This adventure is in the Great Alaskan TourSaver. You know what that means? HA! If you answered “2-for-1″ you get a gold…er….”green” star. Here’s a photo of Aialik Glacier take from a Renown Tours cruise (also available 2-for-1 in the TourSaver book!):

These are just a few trips in my queue. There are many others, including a trip up the Stikine River with Alaska Waters in Wrangell, a glacier adventure with St. Elias Alpine Guides in McCarthy, a trip to Glacier Bay with Wings of Alaska and Glacier Bay Resort..among others. Of course–all of these trips are in the TourSaver book–so they are all…you know….all together now: “TWO-FOR-ONE”. 

Class dismissed! Order now!

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