Passports with Purpose: Heifer fundraiser

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Check out the Holiday Fundraiser for that we’re supporting:

My dad’s wife turned me on to Heifer International about six years ago. Their mission, which began in the 1940s after WWII, is to  provide families a source of food rather than short-term relief. Today, millions of families in 128 countries have been given the gifts of self-reliance and hope.

Here in the McMurren household, our Christmas tradition is to offer a gift in my dad’s name–such as chicks, a beehive, a goat or even a water buffalo. They do the same. We’ve found the kids love to go through the catalog to pick out an animal for Grandpa and Nana. “Let’s get them a pig this year,” said Drew, our oldest. 

On the flip side, my dad calls me up (or the kids) and asks “Do you want a sheep for Christmas this year?” 

“Yeah!!” is the resounding chorus.

Here at the Alaska Travelgram, our family is teaming up with a bunch of other travel bloggers for a Heifer Holiday Fundraiser called “Passports with Purpose”. It’s cool. Here’s how it works:

a. We’ve rounded up some great prizes, including a free copy of the Great Alaskan TourSaver for 2009. For this fundraiser, we’re bundling it with a free copy of the all-new Seattle TourSaver for 2009. The combined value is $180. But there are a g-o-b of other prizes. We’ll post a list after Dec. 1.

b. Once you’ve selected your prize – or prizes – go to First Giving to make your raffle donation. For each ten dollar ($10.00) donation you make, you’ll be entered into the raffle for the prize(s) you’ve selected. WARNING: Be sure to enter your email address and the prize you want to win in the comments field. Otherwise, Heifer gets your money–but you don’t win anything. Yikes!

c. Neither Alaska Travelgram nor Passports with Purpose will share your email with anyone aside from letting you know you’ve won a prize.

d. WInners will be chosen on Dec. 30. You’ll be notified by email. Learn more about Passports with Purpose.

Good luck. Remember–the more tickets you buy, the better your chances! Or as my wife would say: “The more you spend, the more you save!” Something like that.

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