EXTENDED through 11/19: Fly to Oz/N.Z. 2-for-1 on Qantas

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Nice shot of QF’s Airbus 380. 

EXTENDED: 2-for-1 sale now valid through Wednesday,  Nov. 19, 2008). Act fast. Call Glory or Tesa at USTravel ( 800-622-6449 ) to help sort out the details and land a good price on the seats (plus 50 percent off the 3rd and 4th traveler!!). Depart between Feb. 1 and Apr. 30, 2009 (complete by May 30, 2009). Applies to travel from U.S. gateways like Honolulu, L.A., San Francisco to New Zealand and Australia destinations. For Alaskans, it’s probably fastest/cheapest to fly to Honolulu on Alaska Airlines, then on to Australia/N.Z. from there.  Details online.

PS–I think we’ll be seeing more air fare sales. We’ll keep you posted.

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