Four air fares I can believe in

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It’s a rough-and-tumble time in the airline business. We’ll try and strip away some of the veneer to let you see where the bargains are. These days, it really does make a difference where you fly–and it makes a difference which airline you employ to haul you there. 

Anchorage-Newark on Alaska Air: $476rt  includes tax (compare with ANC-Philly for $537 on Delta)

Anchorage-Hartford on Delta, NW or Alaska: $472rt includes tax (compare with ANC-Boston for $621 on Delta)

Anchorage-Washington, DC on NW: $515 includes tax (compare with ANC-Richmond for $803 on Delta)

Anchorage-Santa Barbara on USAir: $475 includes tax (compare to ANC-LAX for $838 on Delta). Here’s a shot of the pool at the Hotel Viceroy in Santa Monica. We had breakfast there on the way to my flight at LAX:

The advance-purchase requirement on these fares vary. But the point is this: you’d better shop around. Check with the professionals at USTravel and let them map out the best rates. They charge $38 to track down the best fares. But as you can see in the fares we’ve listed, it can make a BIG difference if you know where the bargains are. 

Just for reference–compare the aforementioned rates  with the lowest price Anchorage-Seattle: $442rt including tax on Continental.

Call USTravel today in Anchorage: (800)544-2217. Remember to ask them about their great “Buy Today, Fly Today” fares. There’s no advance purchase, although you do have to buy a couple of nights’ hotel accommodations to qualify.

Stay tuned for more specials.

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