Finally, a break for Fairbanks travelers (sort of).

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If you travel to or from Fairbanks, Alaska you know the story: not only is the fare through-the-roof. Typically, the restrictions also are onerous–particularly a 14- or 21-day advance purchase.

Our friends at USTravel are solving the problem of the advance purchase with new “contract” fares from Alaska Airlines. Here’s the scoop:

Take advantage of lower fares for last-minute travel when you purchase at least two nights’ hotel at the same time. Hey–the money you save typically will pay for the hotel. Let’s review:

Fairbanks-Denver $760rt (plus two nights hotel) 

Fairbanks-Dallas $642 (plus two nights hotel)

Fairbanks-Las Vegas $809 (plus two nights hotel)

Fairbanks-LAX $780 (plus two nights hotel)

Fairbanks-Orange County: $816 (plus two nights hotel)

Call Glory or Tesa at (800) 622-6449 to make all your Fairbanks travel arrangements. Remember, there is NO ADVANCE PURCHASE–truly “buy today, fly today” fares. But there’s no refund and no changes. So make sure you REALLY want to go before you buy.

Just FYI, it’s -8F in Fairbanks right now. The expected high temperature in San Diego, CA today? 78F (above!). Y’know, if you want to warm up in Fairbanks–I mean REALLY warm up, head out to Chena Hot Springs. It’s a local favorite: the hot springs, the restaurant, the Ice Museum and of course, the owner, Bernie Karl. Ask for Bernie. Have him tell you about the geothermal power he uses to heat the resort, power the generators and grow a bunch of fresh produce in his greenhouses. Incredible. Tell him Scott sent you. Here’s a shot of the interior of the Aurora Ice Museum:

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