Buy today-Fly today with USTravel’s low fares on Alaska Airlines

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I never thought $3.50 was a good price for gas. Ah, but here I am, sitting in line to fill up! Same with $500 air fares. These days, that’s a bargain.

While most fares are in the stratosphere, USTravel has some great last-minute rates on Alaska Airlines between Anchorage and the Lower 48 and Hawaii. Alaska’s shiny new planes look great in the glistening sun, don’t they–especially on a crystal-clear day:

Buy today-Fly today. That’s the big bonus on these rates. There is no advance purchase. Oh, there are no changes or refunds, either. So it’s important to know when and where you’re going before you buy. Plus, space is limited–so your agent at USTravel will help you pick and choose the right flights/times for maximum savings. Call them now at (907)561-2434 or (800)544-2217. Here’s a photo of the views in Rocky Mountain National Park–just two hours from the Denver Airport:

Finally, in order to get the rate, you have to purchase at least two nights’ hotel accommodations at the same time from our friends at USTravel. Pick a hotel. Your agent can recommend one. Then, rent a convertible and drive up California Highway 1 from San Francisco. HA! That’s what we did. Here’s a nice shot from the passenger seat of the Audi A4 Convertible: 

These rates are perfect for last-minute travel. Let’s review:

Anchorage-Las Vegas: $499rt plus 2 nights hotel 

Anchorage-Phoenix: $498rt plus 2 nights hotel

Anchorage-Chicago: $550rt plus 2 nights hotel

Anchorage-San Francisco: $599rt plus 2 nights hotel

Anchorage-Denver: $591rt plus 2 nights hotel

Anchorage-LAX: $599rt plus 2 nights hotel

Anchorage-Miami: $690rt plus 2 nights hotel

Anchorage-Washington, DC: $667rt plus 2 nights hotel

Anchorage-Dallas: $613rt plus 2 nights hotel

Remember: these are BUY TODAY-FLY TODAY rates. Just to compare, I looked up the rate for a trip to Chicago tomorrow morning. The cost? $1,463.40 roundtrip. Whoo-boy. Of course, you also could use 40,000 miles. With these buy today-fly today rates, you also accrue miles.

Take advantage of these great buy today-fly today rates, in conjunction with hotel reservations.

Oh, I almost forgot: Fly nonstop Anchorage-Honolulu for as little as $498 roundtrip, plus three days car rental!!

Call now: (907)561-2434 or (800)544-2217.

These are great deals. Don’t miss out.

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