Finally: Anchorage-Seattle or Anchorage-Portland $149 o/w

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Alaska Airlines is offering a great sale between Anchorage and Seattle, as well as between Anchorage and Portland. 

Just $149 each way, plus the taxes. It adds up to about $317rt.

Travel is valid only during September. 

Here is the discount code you need to get the fare on Alaska’s website:


USTravel also can make the arrangements for you. If you purchase your Anchorage-Seattle ticket at USTravel and pay them their $38 ticketing fee, you’ll receive a FREE copy of the Seattle TourSaver. That’s the 2-for-1 travel book that sells for $79.95. Included are 2-for-1 tickets for the VIctoria Clipper, Argosy Cruises, Tillicum Village, the Seattle Art Museum, Theo Chocolates, Homewood Suites (Pike Street) and much, much more. See a complete list online.


Call USTravel: 907 561 2434 in Anchorage. Toll-free 800 544 2217.

Special $149 o/w fares are available on these flights:

Anchorage-Seattle: 104, 102 (lousy times….but nice-n-cheap)

Seattle-Anchorage: 81, 115, 117

Anchorage-Portland: 30

Portland-Anchorage: 31

Again: Travel is valid ONLY during the month of September, 2008. Happy Jetting.

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