Mileage run: San Francisco-Anchorage $336 a.i.

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Frequent flyers know “a.i.” stands for “all-in”, inclusive of all taxes and fees. Unless you’re checking luggage, of course. Or if you want a snack on board the plane. 

Alaska Airlines and United Airlines both are offering this hot deal between San Francisco and Anchorage for THIS WEEKEND ONLY.

Alaska Airlines‘ best-priced itinerary for southbound travel leaves Jul. 24, 25 or 26 on the nonstop, returning on July 27 only.

United’s cheap flights depart on Saturday, Jul. 26 on their nonstop flight, returning on Monday or Tuesday, July 28 or July 29. 

I know. Tight window. Short notice. But we grab these deals where we can find ’em. Call Laura or Giovanni to book these specials: (907)561-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217.  They’ll charge you an additional $38, but they can lock in the seats on the double-quick. Plus, they’ll get your hotel and car set up as well.

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