Don’t BUG me!

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During bug season (AKA “summer”), travelers and residents alike must be prepared to do battle with Alaska’s unofficial state bird: the mosquito. 

They’ve been making “Buhach” for more than 100 years–and they’ve got a good thing going. I’ve got a few cans to send out to worthy storytellers like Ryan P.:

“Eight years ago, a year after I moved here from Pennsylvania,  We decided to take a weekend trip to Valdez.  We drove through Glennallen and started looking  for a free camping spot.  We pulled down some road that looked more like a four-wheeler trail and found a cabin that looked to be from the first settlers in Alaska! Who knows, maybe there was an old can of BUHACH in there! 

“I was in the back seat and my two friends hopped out to see if there was a flat spot for the tent. In doing so, they left the front doors open. I did not think much of it until I started to hear this buzzing noise so loud I thought one of my friends had stepped on a beehive. 

“Then, I heard someone yelling ‘Holy s***, they’re everywhere!’

“They come running back to the car like a bat out of hell.  They hop in, slam the door and say ‘You’re never going to believe how many mosquitoes were out there.’


“That’s when they realized they were just as thick inside the car.  We had to drive down the road a good two miles with the windows down to get them all out.  We finally did set up camp and played some cards in the tent. 

“I brought some beer for the night but I only drank one so I would not have to get up and go outside in the night.  

“So the score is: Mosquitoes: 1; Me: 0.

“Please send me a can of Buhach so I can even the score.”

Instant winner, Ryan!

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