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I love Kodiak. You will, too. Whether you’re an avid angler (think salmon and halibut), a naturalist (whale watching, bear watching, photography), hiker or kayaker–make a beeline for Alaska’s Emerald Isle. Below, here I am looking over the ship channel on the deck at the Cliff House B-n-B.

I took Era’s 10:45am flight yesterday, arriving in time for lunch over at Mill Bay Coffee Company. On the menu? Shrimp and crab quiche, seafood penne pasta and a variety of yummy sandwiches. Chef Joel Chenet came over to say “Bonjour”. He was getting ready for a seafood cook-off at the Monterey Aquarium in California. Alaska’s seafood gurus always are quick to tap Chef Joel to whip up a little something from Kodiak’s bountiful ocean harvest. And you can get it right at the source at Mill Bay Coffee Company. By golly, they serve up a darned fine “Cafe au lait” as well! 

Down at the Harbor, Mary Stephenson has a booth where she makes bookings for all sorts of activities, including: bear viewing, whalewatching, dinner cruises, fishing and much more. She has a special “Signature Tour” to go see the bears at Kitoi Bay on Afognak Island. It includes a one-hour flightseeing tour, a 4-hour tour of Kodiak, a three-hour harbor cruise and a museum pass. There’s lots going on in Kodiak–and Mary can take care of all the details. Call her. She’s right at the harbor: (907)486-8766. 

There’s a brand-new B-n-B in town. It’s called “Cliff House” and it’s run by Marty and Marion Owen. They’re the same folks that offer the Galley Gourmet Dinner Cruise. The B-n-B offers comfy oceanfront accommodations for up to six people. Three bedrooms are set around a kitchen. “We stock the fridge with all sorts of goodies so  folks can make their own breakfast with coffee,” said Marion. Combine your stay at the Cliff House with a Galley Gourmet dinner cruise. Heck–you’ll only have to take care of one other meal. Lunch. Below, I snapped a photo of hostess Marion Owen making granola. This is an art shot, mind you. Check the reflection of the oceanfront view (pay no attention to that big guy in the way…me…the photographer). Also, nice plug on the sweatshirt  for Alaska Airlines, Marion!!

Actually, you might just stop over at the Kodiak Island Brewery for a taste of “Liquid Sunshine”.  I saw Brewmeister Ben Millstein last night at a pizza party for the Island Trails Network here in Kodiak. They’re planning scenic trails in select destinations around the island to make it more accessible for hikers and adventurers. Ben’s brewery is right across the street from the harbor–and you can stop in for a taste, a glass, a pint, or a pig. Pig? Yep. It’s a two-gallon refillable mini-keg for the fridge. Very popular here in Kodiak! 

The big weekend in Kodiak is Crabfest! This year, the 50th anniversary, is May 22-26. You can fly over (both Era and Alaska Airlines have $88 one-way fares) or sail over on the Alaska Marine Highway ($79 from Homer to Kodiak). 

Plus, Island Air is offering nonstop flights from Homer to Kodiak (just one hour!), beginning May 22. Three times weekly: Tue., Thu. and Sat. 

There’s a special Crabfest website: 

Don’t miss the Grand Parade at 10am on Sat., May 24. At 12n, the Coast Guard will have a rescue demonstration and fly-over near the ship channel at the harbor. Helicopters. Divers. C-130s!  In case you didn’t know it, Kodiak hosts the nation’s largest Coast Guard base! 

Just after that , a 1pm, they’ll have the Survival Suit swim race! Just TRY and swim with this on! Between 2p-3p, the Kodiak Island drummers (popular group!!) will entertain visitors and locals alike!  Check the website. Learn more. See you in Kodiak! 


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