California Dreamin’: ANC-LAX $350 a.i.

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New lower fare on ALASKA AIRLINES between Anchorage and L.A.: $371  $350 a.i. (new fare drop– including taxes and fees). Fourteen-day advance purchase required. Must complete travel by June 19. 

Just got off the phone with Laura at USTravel, who told me it’s tight-tight-tight in June. However, “it’s wide open in May”, she said. Act now. Call her to lock in the seats. She’ll charge you an additional $38, but these seats are going fast–and the seats can be hard to find.

Call Laura at USTravel: 907-561-2434 or 800-544-2217.

Below: California Dreamin’ on Highway 1. Just give me an Audi A4 convertible, a sunny California day, Bruce Springsteen on the CD. Y-e-e-a-a-h!

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