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Even as oil prices soar, there still are great fares to be found–if you know where to look. That’s where the professionals at USTravel come in. Laura, Giovanni and the other agents have been digging around to find some great rates to East Coast cities between now and June 19. Also–great in-state rates through May 31. Remember, these fares include all taxes and fees. USTravel’s reservation fee ($38) is additional. Check ’em out:

Between Anchorage and:

Fairbanks: $88 each way on weekends (Fri., Sat., Sun.) through May 31

Kodiak: $88 each way on weekends (Fri., Sat., Sun.) through May 31

Cordova: $88 each way on weekends (Fri., Sat., Sun.) through May 31

Anchorage-L.A.: $460rt through 6/19/08 (see new post “California Dreamin'” above…now $371 on Alaska Airlines!) Whoa! Now just $350 rt a.i. 

Anchorage- Dallas: $439rt through 6/19/08

Anchorage-Detroit: $446rt through 6/19/08

Anchorage-Atlanta: $437rt through 6/19/08

Anchorage-Philly: $383rt through 6/19/08 WHOA! 

 Anchorage-New York: $372rt through 6/19/08 WOW!

Anchorage-St. Louis: $438rt through 6/19/08

Anchorage-Cincinnati: $434rt through 6/19/08

Anchorage-Pittsburgh: $434rt through 6/19/08

Below: the view from 33,000 feet can be spectacular!

There are many other cities that have discount for travel between now and June 19, but these are the best ones. Don’t miss out. Call Laura or one of the agents at USTravel today: (907)561-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217.

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