Big fat mess with AA cancellations

In Alaska Travelgram, Consumer by scott

American Airlines continues to cancel hundreds of flights each day, effectively stranding tens of thousands of travelers. Because the cancellations involve safety inspections, there is no easy way around this mess–just be sure and check to make sure you’re not flying on any American Airlines flights. IMPORTANT: Some of your Alaska Airlines flights are operated by American Airlines because of “code-share” agreements. You have to go over your itinerary carefully to make sure no American segments are included. If they are–call Alaska Airlines to reschedule. MORE IMPORTANT: Oh, don’t bother calling American Airlines. They are not answering their phones. If you do happen to get through, you’re likely to get bad information from well-meaning people who simply don’t have the up-to-date bad news. Read William Allen’s take on the “AA-holes”. Let us pray.

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