The Local Vine a favorite Seattle wine bar

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When you’re visiting Seattle, stop in at 2nd and Vine St. in Belltown. It’s the site of The Local Vine. Enjoy wines by the glass, including many local Washington vintages. We had a wonderful time with Anchorage native Sarah Munson, who runs the place. Tasty bites, too. They have a great cheese platter, some yummy prawns sauteed in garlic oil, beef tenderloin carpaccio (with micro-greens, parmesan, capers, sea salt ant black currant vinegar!), plus all kinds of crispy bread to accompany the wine. “Oh, I’m glad you discovered a new wine this evening,” said Sarah. It was a Cabernet Franc. Wonderful. Don’t miss it.


Owner Sarah Munson of The Local Vine chats it up with Gary Blakely–Mr. California Cool who brings his laptop to the wine bar!!

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