Glorious view from Hotel Captain Cook

In Alaska Travelgram, Lodging by scott

What a glorious evening here in Anchorage. I ran down to the Crow’s Nest at the top of the Hotel Captain Cook to take some pictures. This is one of my favorite spots. You can look out over Cook Inlet and see Sleeping Lady and Mt. McKinley in the distance. Or, sit on the other side and watch the setting sun paint the mountains in shades of yellow, orange and pink. 


I never get tired of seeing the glorious Chugach Mountains each morning when I wake up. And in the long evenings of spring and summer–it’s all the more enchanting.


It was just 5:00 p.m. when I stopped in this afternoon. The crew was getting ready for dinner. It smelled really good–and there were several other folks upstairs taking in the view!


I look forward to going back for dinner. This evening I had to cut and run to share pizza with the kids. Not kidding. capt-cook.jpg

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