Sandpiper Cafe in Juneau

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I cannot overstate how much I like the Sandpiper Cafe. It’s attached to my favorite hotel, the Driftwood Lodge. Um, ok. Maybe it’s really a “Motel”. It’s not as nice as the Goldbelt or the Baranof. But I like it. The staff is friendly and the rates are cheap. If you head down to Juneau during the Legislative session, you can get the “constituent rate” of $39. That leaves you plenty of money left over to have a nice scramble for breakfast at the Sandpiper next door. And both the Driftwood and the Sandpiper have free internet. That’s more than I can say about the Baranof. Of course, the Baranof caters to the Capital Crew–those that are peddling their influence with legislators. NOTE: The Baranof does have Suite 604–where Bill Allen held court bribing legislators. Whoo-boy. More importantly, they’ve got free wireless internet in the lobby. But in the rooms, they charge $10.50 per D-A-Y for the modem. How shall I say this: it’s s-o-o-o 20th century.


Back to the Sandpiper. We ate lunch there, too. A delicious BBQ Pork Sandwich. Nice presentation. Don’t miss it when you’re in Juneau. 


And if you do make it up to the Capitol Building, stop in to congratulate our Governor, Sarah Palin. She and her husband, Todd (aka: Alaska’s “First Dude”), are expecting their fifth child in May.


Photo: BBQ Sandwich at the Sandpiper Cafe


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