Alaska Airlines awards are easier to redeem online

In Airfares, Travel Deals by scott

I’m shopping for award tickets right now on Alaska Airlines. Have you seen the new app on their website for booking award tickets? It’s pretty cool. Go to the site, login and click on Award Reservations. Right underneath where you put in your dates is a box that says “My dates are flexible”. Click it and the whole award availability comes up for the entire month.  NOTE: it works only for 100pc Alaska or Horizon flights right now. This is really handy so you can pick dates where “saver” awards are available. Plus you can avoid searching for dates where just “peak” awards are available. One more tip: if only “peak” coach seats are available, you should check first class. Often, you’ll find “saver” first class seats available on the same dates. Here’s the kicker: FOR THE SAME 40,000 miles. So–here’s the $64,000 question: First class or coach? Dunh!One of Alaska Airlines’ Disney planes

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