Kenai Aviation: A new day = A new plane

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Boarding Kenai Aviation’s Tecnam Traveller 2012 in Anchorage.

It’s just another Tuesday for your #AvGeek author. Our plane today is the Tecnam Traveller P2012, a twin-engine, wing-over aircraft made in Italy.

Interior of N212US, the Tecnam Traveller 2012 operated by Kenai Aviation.

Kenai Aviation launched service between Anchorage and Kenai last fall using the piston-powered plane to offer several flights a day between Anchorage and Kenai and also between Anchorage and Homer.

During the summer, Kenai Aviation offers between four and eight flights per day between Anchorage and Kenai and between two and four flights per day between Anchorage and Homer.

All flights leave from gate “L2” at the Anchorage airport. No security check, although you do have to give them an approximate body weight for the flight. They’ve got a scale right there at the gate if you can’t say it out loud. HAHA

Planes are configured for nine passengers: eight seats in back and one in the co-pilot’s chair. Bring your own noise-canceling headphones (my favorite =  BOSE).

I love my BOSE noise-canceling headphones.

The plane I flew on was built in 2021. There’s plenty of legroom, even for a tall guy like me. There’s also a USB charging port at every seat and April, our pilot, confirmed that they actually work! 

Bryce was the pilot for the trip back. I got to ride shotgun. Bryce also flies B737s for Alaska Air.

“We wanted to provide travelers with some new planes—and a little bit of luxury when flying to and from Kenai,” said chief dispatcher Jacob Caldwell. 


1. Parking at the Anchorage airport is messed up because of the short-term lot construction. Park at Alaska Park, at the Coast International Inn. It’s essentially valet parking and the shuttles are quick. Two thumbs up.

2. In Kenai, I rent from Avis. These folks had a snazzy new Nissan Altima for me on arrival. 

3. Tune in to KSRM (92.1 FM) in the morning when you’re in Kenai. I was on the air just after KPB Mayor Peter Micceche, hosted by Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome himself—Duane Bannock…assisted by the lovely and talented Chelsea Chess.

Chelsea, Duane and I ham it up after our radio gig at KSRM 92.1 in Kenai.

4. Eat at Louie’s, located in the Uptown Motel. Last time I had a monster steak, even tho’ I could see them pulling fish out of the river!! 

5. Call Kenai Aviation with questions about their scheduled flights between Anchorage-Kenai and Anchorage-Homer. They also operate charters with their Super KingAir 200. In fact, I saw their plane on the ground in Dutch Harbor. Finally, talk to them about flight training. It’s their thing: (888) 505-3624.

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