Afternoon at Alyeska Resort

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The view from the Roundhouse

Check out the Dine & Ride package at Alyeska Resort. Even on a cloudy day, a tram ride up the mountain is a thing of beauty. 

The Alyeska tram moves quickly up the mountain.

Remember to bring your mask: it’s required to ride the tram. SIDE NOTE: on the way down, one guy didn’t have a mask. He and his dog were about to be left to walk down the hill. But another rider on the tram had an extra mask and gave it to him so he and the dog could ride. VERY ALASKAN THING TO DO!! 

At the top of the tram, you’re free to hike around for awhile. Then grab lunch and a beer at the Bore Tide. I got the “Hot Italian Ham” sandwich. Delicious.

On the tram, with the hotel in the background.

Your Dine & Ride package is $45 and includes a $20 food voucher. My sandwich was $18, but Christy’s was $14 (Hot dog with sauerkraut), so there’s enough left over for a cold beer! 

Out by the pond at the hotel.

Don’t miss your chance to get high this summer—at Alyeska Resort.

Oh—if you want to spend the night, Alaskans get 30 percent off the room rate—$139 per night.

Hotel Alyeska

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