Scooting Around Vietnam

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Huong was my guide for our food tour with “Saigon On Bikes.”

It started as soon as I got to my hotel in Saigon. Sam met me in the lobby. I got on the back of his scooter and we went to go grab some lunch (Mango Salad) at one of his favorite places for about $3. Then, he gave me a SIM card for my iPhone (about $4). Voila—I had good phone and internet service. He set up my scooter-centric food tour (read about it in the Anchorage Daily News). Then, I took the night train to Hue, where I met Mr. Thanh. Back on the scooter for a tour of this ancient capital of Vietnam including the Citadel and a visit to Bunker Hill …site of a big battle during the Vietnam War (Tet Offensive in 1968). Planes are faster than trains or scooters…that’s how I got up to Hanoi. There, Mr. Huy met me with a scooter. Lots of pictures…lots of stories. Below….some pictures.. 

SWAG ALERT: have a MASSIVE amount of swag from the hotels and from Cathay Pacific. If you join us at our monthly “Office Hours” next Thursday (click here for details), I’ll be giving some out there. Soaps, shampoo, stationary, barf bags (unused), combs, toothbrushes, razors. Heck, I even have some goodies from the Cathay Pacific lounge! 

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