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Mileage runner.

Now is the time travelers call me looking for a cheap flight to top off their Alaska Airlines mileage plan…in order to make “MVP” status or “MVP Gold.” Most folks who are close to the “MVPGold75K” status, frankly, know the program better than I do!

Just to review, you have to fly 20,000 miles on Alaska Air to reach MVP, or 40,000 to hit MVP Gold. And yes, it’s 75,000 miles to get to MVP Gold 75K. You can fly partner airlines like American, British, Qantas and such…but those miles don’t count as much.

Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite city pairs, along with the miles you’ll earn.

Anchorage-Boston $404rt travel Nov 28-Dec 14 7860 EQM (elite qualifying miles)
Anchorage-Orlando $496rt (leave tomorrow) or $458rt travel Dec 1-14 7980 EQM
Anchorage-Los Angeles/LAX from $265rt travel Nov 28-Dec 11 4788 EQM
Anchorage-Washington/Dulles $478rt travel Nov 28-Dec 13 7480 EQM
Anchorage-Seattle $239rt travel Nov 28-Dec 11 2880 EQM
Anchorage-Chicago $476rt travel Nov 27-Dec 14 (or $446rt Dec 27-31) 6300 EQM
Anchorage-Denver $385rt travel Nov 28- Dec 12 4920 EQM

Fairbanks-Seattle 262rt travel Nov 28-Dec 13 3060 EQM
Fairbanks-Los Angeles/LAX $368rt travel Nov 28-Dec 14 4968 EQM
Fairbanks-Las Vegas $344rt FLY TOMORROW through Dec 13 4792 EQM
Fairbanks-Atlanta $484rt travel Nov 28-Dec 14 (leave tomorrow for $508rt) 7420 EQM
Fairbanks-Denver $364rt travel Nov 28-Dec 11 5100 EQM
Fairbanks-Salt Lake City $364rt travel Nov 28-Dec 11 (leave tomorrow $490rt) 4434 EQM
Fairbanks-Raleigh/Durham NC $484rt travel Nov 28-Dec 12 (fly tomorrow $610rt) 7760 EQM

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