Gadget Guru: “myCharge” portable power pak

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On my recent round-the-world trip, I tried out the “” portable power unit. The folks at myCharge sent me the mighty hb67v-a model, also known as the “Hub Plus” model. It sells for $79.99 on their website. There are some clever features to the unit, including:

-built-in plugs for your iPhone (lightening cable) and micro-USB. 
-separate plug-in for USB
-built-in wall-prongs for recharging

The unit is a little smaller than my point-n-shoot camera and doesn’t weigh as much. I took a picture charging up the camera (top). With the built-in cables you can charge two devices at once. But then you have to re-charge. Still, I never was THAT far away from a plug. Even so, there were some countries (South Africa) where I didn’t have a power adapter. That’s where myCharge really came in handy.

Thankfully, all of the planes I took around the world (except Garuda) had USB plug-ins on board. But when you’re out climbing a hill, using your phone to take photos, it’s nice to have some extra power.

Two thumbs up!

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