Alaska Air offers free air-to-ground messaging!

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Later this month, Alaska is rolling out FREE air-to-ground messaging using Facebook Messenger, Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp. This is BIG. No additional charge for messages. Just be sure and have the apps installed on your phone before you board.

More news on Alaska’s Mileage Plan: As part of the new enhancements to the Mileage Plan, Alaska is charging FEWER miles to fly around the state. For destinations of fewer than 700 miles within Alaska, it now will cost just 5,000 miles in each direction. From Anchorage, that works to Juneau, to Kodiak, Nome, Kotzebue, Fairbanks and a couple of other destinations.

For city pairs between 1,401 and 2,100 miles, the cost is going down to 20,000 miles (from 25,000). That includes Anchorage-San Francisco and cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Also, if you’re flying on a mileage ticket, you’re now eligible for an upgrade. That’s big news for travelers with lots of miles to burn!

PS–if you didn’t already hear, the mileage tie-in with Delta is DEAD, effective April 30.

Finally, “burning” miles is important. But it’s also helpful to EARN them. Get the Alaska Air Visa card and jump-start your earning with 30,000 bonus miles! That’s enough for THREE in-state tickets!

As previously announced, Alaska Air’s third “Premium Class” cabin…between First and Coach…now is available for booking. There’s more legroom (four inches more than in regular coach), free drinks, early boarding and free snacks (meals and fruit-and-cheese platter still cost extra). The seats are the same…but that extra legroom makes a difference.


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