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Christy and I.


Above, Christy and I exploring the hills outside Barcelona….near the monastery at Montserrat.

You MUST purchase by Friday, July 22 from I found dates in August, September, October and November + Jan/Feb/Mar of 2017

Anchorage-Dublin $562rt Delta starts Sep 26
Anchorage-Barcelona $634rt Delta starts Aug. 24
Anchorage-Madrid $607rt Delta starts Sep 27
Anchorage-Athens $670rt Delta starts Sept 19
Anchorage-Istanbul $673rt Delta starts Aug 23
Anchorage-London $678rt Delta starts Aug 30
Anchorage-Copenhagen $636rt Delta starts 8/23
Anchorage-Prague $617rt Delta starts Sep 6
Anchorage-Lisbon $670rt starts Sep 6 Delta
Anchorage-Frankfurt $686rt starts 9/25 Delta
Anchorage-Warsaw $669rt starts Sep 6 Delta

Anchorage-Zagreb $683rt Delta starts Sep 18
Anchorage-Zurich $632rt Delta starts Aug 23
Anchorage-Budapest $686rt Delta starts Sep 6
Anchorage-Bucharest $677rt Delta starts Sep 6
Anchorage-Geneva $680rt Delta starts 8/29
Anchorage-Stockholm $596rt Delta starts Aug 22
Anchorage-Oslo $655rt Delta starts Sep 18
Anchorage-Helsinki $674rt Delta starts Aug 24


Anchorage-Jakarta $746rt Delta + All Nippon (ANA) starts Sep 1

Fairbanks-Istanbul $678rt starts Aug 22 Delta (h/t Shelby Solski!!)
Fairbanks-Dublin $535rt Delta starts Sep 14
Fairbanks-Helsinki $676rt Delta starts Sep 14
Fairbanks-London $688rt Delta (one-stop via SEA) starts Sep 13
Fairbanks-Madrid $608rt Delta starts Aug 22
Fairbanks-Athens $675rt Delta starts Sep 7
Fairbanks-Prague $724rt starts Sep 7
Fairbanks-Zagreb, Croatia $753rt Delta starts Sep 19
Fairbanks-Brussels $629rt Delta starts Sep 21
Fairbanks-Munich $674rt Delta starts Aug 22
Fairbanks-Frankfurt $692rt Delta starts Aug 22
Fairbanks-Warsaw $743rt Delta starts Sep 19
Fairbanks-Copenhagen $643rt Delta starts Aug 29
Fairbanks-Stockholm $654rt Delta starts Sep 19
Fairbanks-Oslo $657rt Delta starts Sep 13
Fairbanks-Barcelona $604rt Delta starts Sep 14

These are just a few that I found. I’ll send out a more comprehensive list later. But don’t dawdle if you see a fare that jumps out at you!!

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