Alaska Airlines PARTY!

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The new paint job.

The new paint job.

It’s more than a mani-pedi. Hotter than highlights. Oh-so-much-greater than a spa day. No, Alaska Airlines went in for a deep-down “brand refresh.” New paint job, new colors…a quest to appeal to a broader traveling public. After all, our very-own Alaska Air has added 26 new destinations from SEA-TAC. They’re all big-time…and that’s reflected in their new colors. Me? I like the dance number. Check out the short video of the f/a “drill team” as they show off the new uniforms.

For an #AvGeek like me, it was a special honor to see the new paint job and to be in the room while über-pop CEO Brad Tilden talked about being part of the Alaska Airlines story….”it’s bigger than all of us,” he said.

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