Alaska’s air fare sale: Permanent Fund Dividend deals!

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Alaska Airlines 737-800 Special 75th Anniversary Livery K63970-02

Well, it’s Permanent Fund Time….my-oh-my. Your dividend’s about to fly! HAHA. There’s a song in there and I can sing it. If you bump into me at the airport –cue me and I’ll give you the whole verse! FUN!

Once again, Alaska Airlines has loaded up sale fares all across its network for purchase between now and Oct. 29. Not all markets are on sale–and some are available only for a couple of months. So you have to drill down at for detailed info. Alaska displays all of its fares as “one-way”, but I like to feature the roundtrip cost. Just keep in mind the one-way rate comes in handy if you’re flying into one city and out of another. Here are some highlights:

Between Anchorage and:club49
Juneau $240 roundtrip
Kodiak $261 roundtrip
Bethel $321 roundtrip
Fairbanks $197 roundtrip
Houston $522 roundtrip
Minneapolis $538 roundtrip
Chicago $460 roundtrip
Portland $360 roundtrip
Honolulu $480 roundtrip
Las Vegas $382 roundtrip
Phoenix $422 roundtrip
Los Angeles/LAX $380 roundtrip
Burbank $400 roundtrip
Ontario, CA $395 roundtrip

Between Fairbanks and:
Portland $516 roundtrip
Seattle $498 roundtrip
Juneau $324 roundtrip
Los Angeles/LAX $540 roundtrip
Ontario, CA $537 roundtrip
Orange County, CA $540 roundtrip
Honolulu $576 roundtrip
Chicago $632 roundtrip
Las Vegas $504 roundtrip

Between Juneau and:
Seattle $398 roundtrip
Portland $344 roundtrip
Los Angeles $364 roundtrip
Orange County $380 roundtrip
Phoenix $384 roundtrip
Las Vegas $344 roundtrip
San Francisco $420 roundtrip

Between Ketchikan and:
Las Vegas $324rt
Portland $324rt
Phoenix $364rt

Between Bethel and:
Portland $662rt
Las Vegas $678rt

Between Barrow and:
Los Angeles $746rt
Las Vegas $742rt
Seattle $766rt
Phoenix $782rt

Sale fares are available from all Alaska Airlines jet cities (except Prudhoe Bay). Just because I don’t list the city pair above doesn’t mean it’s not offered. For example, I LOVE the fares to Portland from Anchorage and from Juneau (they’re actually less expensive than rates to Seattle). So go to and search for those flights to Montana, to central Oregon and to those smaller airports in California and Washington. The fares all are there.

Here are some important restrictions: the “PFD” fares are not available during Thanksgiving (Nov. 20-Dec. 4), Christmas (Dec. 11-Jan. 8, 2014)or Spring Break (Mar. 4-Apr. 12, 2014). And you cannot use these fares to book for travel next summer. Also–the PFD program isn’t really deisgned for Hawaii travel–the entire winter is blacked out. That said, there are some good deals for travel in November and April (to Honolulu only–flights to Maui and the Big Island are not included at all).

Travel from Alaska to the Lower 48 is available on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Return to Alaska on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. You can travel on other days–it just costs more.

Alaska Airlines has a special page set up for the PFD sale. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE DETAILS.


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