Great Alaska Air rates for Travel Tuesday!

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Let’s start out with the awesome “Club 49” deals between Alaska and Denver. But first–a B-I-G Travel Tuesday Shoutout to our friends at Smash Transit, who came up with the DEN shirt (above). Nice, eh? Gotta have one? Click here. 

Anchorage-Denver $395rt Aug. 14-Sept. 1, 2012 (AWESOME!!)
Nome-Denver         $563rt ”        ”
Kotzebue-Denver    563rt  ”          ”
Bethel-Denver          563rt  ”         ”

You must purchase these tickets by Thu., June 28, 2012. Travel between Aug. 14 and Sept. 1, 2012. Travel on select days only.

For travel within Alaska, check out these great prices:

Anchorage-Yakutat $203rt July 17-Aug. 14
Anchorage-Ketchikan $258rt  July 17-Aug. 14

Again, purchase these tickets between now and Thu., June 28, 2012.

Remember, though, neither man nor woman flies by Club 49 alone. There are other awesome Alaska Airlines deals out there, including:

Anchorage-Los Angeles Int’l (LAX) $330rt Jul 10-Sept 2, 2012
Anchorage-Phoenix $467rt starting Aug. 8…through the end of time, I guess.

DOUBLE MILES: Register for double mileage before you leave:

Complete list CLICK HERE

In-flight wi-fi. Oh, I <3 GOGO and their in-flight wifi on Alaska Airlines. In August, Gogo will offer the first 15 minutes of wifi access FREE. Not bad!


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