Alaska Air + Club 49= great fares!

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Check out these great air fares from Alaska Airlines’ Club 49 program. Above–Alaska’s new “Sky” interior on the Boeing 737s they’re getting from Boeing. Nice!

NOTE: you have to purchase these “Club 49” fares by this evening, March 1, 2012. Travel April 22-May 13, 2012. Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for the best rates.

Remember: Club 49 members get two checked bags free on flights in and out of Alaska. For the “Full Monty” on Alaska’s bag fees, cleck here.


Anchorage-Nome $100 each way

Anchorage-Yakutat $104 each way

Ketchikan-Portland $249 each way

Anchorage-Kansas City $278 each way

Juneau-Kansas City $299 each way

Fairbanks-Kansas City $329 each way

Hey, check out these “everyday deals” on Alaska Airlines:

Anchorage-Phoenix $467 roundtrip (as soon as Mar. 19, 2012)
Anchorage-Los Angeles $295 roundtrip (starting June 4, 2012)

Be sure and sign up for Club 49 if you’re an Alaska resident. Get the email alerts of low fares each week!

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