Papa’s got a brand new (Tom Bihn) bag!

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Hey–we had a great time last week on Tom Bihn‘s factory tour. Above, Tom shows off the “camo” pattern on one of his packs. This is tough-stuff. Go to his website and learn about the top-quality materials he uses to assemble the gear. There’s a big selection of backpacks, soft-sided carry-ons, laptop bags and other assorted goodies.
Thanks to all of you who entered our contest for one of the “Aeronaut” bags. Below, Nadra Angerman holds one of the blue Aeronauts at the factory. We got some great entires. Here are some choice excerpts:
1. “Scott says it’s a cool bag, so it must be cool!” (Love you, Jen)
2. “I am still using the “diaper bag” as a carry on and the baby is now 28! Push me into the 21st century with a fancy new go-anywhere bag!” says Linda B. in Anchorage
3. “So this gal surfed the Web for a ticket,
Found a bargain and eagerly clicked it.
Threw some stuff in her Bihn,
Made a call to her kin,
And is now on the beach that she pick-ed!” rhymes Deanna
4. “My bag has been used for used ammo casing and I am afraid the equipment the TSA uses will show explosives and will detain me so i need a new bag.” said  Joseph
Our winner, Vera Crews of Anchorage, writes:
“My current bag is kinda beat up. With a new bag, I could attract top-drawer people.  Handsome men would rush to my aid.  Women would be jealous. It would be good to be a classy lady again, and show off my bag all over the place.  Think of the possibilities.   Maybe Brad Pitt would leave Angelina and come back to me, just so he could show us off —  me and my bag.  Oh, thank you!
The Bag Lady  “
Yep. Vera–here’s to a brand-new-you! You and your Aeronaut. Be sure and write from the beaches. Let us “ordinary Alaskans” know how you’re faring on the world stage!!!
And thanks, Tom, for making your “miracle” luggage!!

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