Anchorage needs ultra-fast ( 1Gb/sec.) internet from Google!

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This service is 100x-1,000x faster than the best available service.

Whether you’re a traveler (like me), a fan of downloadable HD movies, a public safety professional, a health care professional, an educator or an entrepreneur, it’s easy to see that super-fast internet could open an incredible array of new opportunities for all Alaskans–but especially those with access to this new service in Anchorage.

So, take a moment and join us to show your support:

a. Visit the website: and become a FAN ON FACEBOOK.
b. Watch the video (imbedded below)
c. Fill out the questionnaire on the website.
d. Pass this on to your friends–spread the word!

The deadline is Mar. 26, so please STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW and tend to this mission!!

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