Android=glue + ear

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It’s official–my new Android phone (HTC Hero) from GCI is glued to my ear.
Well, not really. Especially here in Seattle. The Dream Police are out in force to make sure you post no bills–nor do you talk on your cell phone while weaving through the intersection of Interstate 5 and Interstate 90. All 12 lanes. IMAGINE! So, yes, I have the little hands-free earbuds–and I keep both hands on the wheel as I inch forward through traffic.
But the Google Maps function on the phone makes it easy to see what little real progress I’m making on the road. Amazing!
When I finally get to my destination, I use the new “Foursquare” application to let my friends know where I am. It’s a fun program–although it’s a little creepy if you’re a privacy nut. I am–but I still think it’s kind of fun. I’m  posting my Foursquare feed to Twitter and Facebook feed from my HTC phone. My friend Gary would say that falls under the “insufferable vanity of Twitter”. I suppose–but it’s still fun to fiddle with!
Speaking of Facebook–be sure and check out GCI’s FAN PAGE for Facebook. I’m a fan–you should be too!
I’m discovering new features on the phone all the time. There’s a stopwatch. There’s a YouTube viewer which works very well with the 3.2-inch screen. There are apps for Facebook and Twitter–even a “voice search” function.
Honestly, I’m just getting used to the entire “app” process. There are jillions of free applications, plus some, like the Police Scanner, that you pay extra for.
Most of the applications still require two hands to use–which means I have to pull over to yet another espresso stand to type away between freeway exits. No shortage of either of these here in Seattle.
Another great feature of the GCI phone for me: unlimited nationwide calling and texting. I hate roaming fees. Now, for $99.99 per month, I can call/text all I want between Alaska, the Lower 49 and Canada. Oh–calls from Canada still are high: 45 cents per minute. The phone itself is $99.99 with a 2-year contact including a 3G smartphone package.

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