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Photo: Hubbing it up at SEA-TAC, as seen from Alaska Airlines‘ Board Room on the “D” Concourse. I was on the phone with a really famous radio host the other day in Minneapolis. We were discussing a flight to Seattle–and he didn’t know that Alaska Airlines flies there. How is that possible? Well, our home-town airline (OKOK–both Seattle and Alaska lay claim to Alaska!) keeps adding cities faster than we can count them on our fingers and toes.  Let’s review with the class some of the new destinations:

a. Back East. We all know that Alaska Airlines flies to Orlando, Miami, Washington, DC, Newark and Boston. But last year, they added Atlanta into the mix. I’m flying back to Atlanta on Alaska Airlines next month. Full report to follow.

b. Deep in the Heart of Texas. Wow. Three destinations from Seattle: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and Austin. Alaska also added a San Jose-Austin “Nerd Bird” run for the high-tech crowd.

c. Midwest. The Anchorage-Chicago run was first. Then SEA-ORD and PDX-ORD. Recently, Alaska Airlines added service to Minneapolis/St. Paul. Great. More flights to the Mall of America. HA!

d. Hawaii. Alaska Airlines is flying to a bunch of the Hawaiian Islands. From Anchorage, they fly nonstop to both Maui and Honolulu.

Speaking of nonstops, check out Alaska Airlines‘ impressive list of nonstop out-of-state flights from Anchorage:

  • Anchorage-Seattle. Jillions of flights year-round.
  • Anchorage-Portland. One flight year-round, 3x daily in the summer.
  • Anchorage-Los Angeles. 2x daily in the summer.
  • Anchorage-Chicago. 1x daily year-round, 2x daily in the summer.
  • Anchorage-Denver. 1x daily in the summer.
  • Anchorage-San Francisco. 1x daily in the summer.
  • Anchorage-Honolulu. 1x daily in the winter….2 or 3x/weekly in summer.

…then there’s the jet service within Alaska: n/s to Nome, Kotzebue, Fairbanks, Kodiak, Cordova, Juneau, Adak…and then some. Stay tuned for more Alaska Airlines news.

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