Alaska Travel News: all the time

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Watch for Alaska travel updates all over, including these outlets:

a. Alaska Dispatch. This is the hot, new online news site where all of my fellow Anchorage Daily News alumni are posting: Heather Lende, Craig Medred, Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Seth Kantner–among others. Typically, I post travel news on Tuesday mornings.

b. Coast Magazine. This is a free publication you’ll find at coffee shops and grocery stores around town. I started writing for them a few months ago. A new issue comes out each month. My editor, John Woodbury, tells me the November issue should be out today.

c. KTVA-TV. Channel 11 here in Anchorage. Each Wednesday, Big Dave Stroh and Andrea Gusty at CBS News invite me to chatter about travel during the 5:00pm newscast. Tune in. We always have a great time.

d. Twitter. When there’s a hot deal, you’ll see it here first. It’s easy to type out a headline and a link while we’re working on the full story. Follow me on Twitter: .

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